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Find a Veterinarian is a service we offer through TVMA that connects you with our more than 3,500 member-veterinarians. Our members have access to TVMA resources that can help them become better veterinarians and continually improve their practices. We believe our veterinarians are the best in Texas and many are even recognized for their skills on a national or global scale.

If you’re interested in finding a veterinarian in your area that’s also a TVMA member, you can use the form below to search by city, last name or even practice type.

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To search by Zip Code enter the City Name.  When the results display click on the title "Zip Code" at the top of the results and the veterinarians will be sorted ascending by zip code, click again to sort in descending order.  If you need any help please email: for assistance.

Members of The Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice
By promoting and maintaining the highest standards of veterinary care through continuing education, members of the Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice, are in a position to provide the best possible health care for your animal and the best quality service to you.

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